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Custom Tincture

PriceFrom $12.00

Customers may request a single-herb tincture, or a blend of herbs in one tincture, but the customer must let us know what ingredients you'd like and the ratio. Due to not being able to "diagnose" or "prescribe," we cannot mix up a tincture based on a health issue without an appointment with the Clinical Herbalist to establish a recipe. For example, you may request a tincture of equal parts valerian, chamomile, and skullcap, but not request a tincture for sleep.

Visit our list of in-house made herbal tinctures for a list of our inventory. Select the size you'd like, and make a note of which tincture you want.

All tinctures are made in-house using organic cane alcohol, Berkey-filtered water, organic or wild harvested herbs, and occasionally organic vegetable glycerin depending on the herb. Stored in amber glass bottles with a dropper.

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