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Walking in the woods identifying trees with my grandfather as well as time spent with my grandmother as a child stoked a passion for herbs and natural health from an early age.  My interest in the body and herbs led me into the medical field, and I am a “retired” Registered Respiratory Therapist with a COPD Educator Certificate. 


Over the years, I have increased my knowledge through copious amounts of book reading and trial and error with myself, my family and my friends.  In later years, I have taken certificate programs and learned from various herbalists either in-person or through their teaching at conferences and other resources.


In preparation for Registry with the American Herbalist Guild and to feel  confident entering into full time practice, I mentored with DR. Susan Fidler, a Phytotherapist, RH (AHG) and ND for 18 months as well as seeing clients out of her office for another year.​

My client population consists of all ages and health concerns.  I make recommendations for both acute and chronic imbalances on a weekly basis and have many challenging cases that I enjoy helping clients overcome to optimize their health.  

I like to think that we are ALL on the journey and I am here to facilitate balance and health along the way as clients learn how to navigate their unique makeup and optimize their vitality.

The Herbalist's


Since Herbalists are not licensed in this country we do not diagnose or treat disease. As an herbalist, we partner with you to educate, encourage and support your goals for optimal health and balance in your life. Please take time to educate yourself about any treatment plans you decide to adopt and the health concerns you are addressing. 

If you have any questions about my training and credentials please ask. If at any time during the consultation I feel that your needs and desires are beyond the scope of my training, I may refer you to another practitioner or, with your consent, consult with a colleague concerning your case.  I support your right to consult with a practitioner of your choice, especially in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, I am happy to work with any of your health care professionals.  It is my goal to empower you as you journey towards better health.

Every person is unique in their make-up and needs. Therefore,  I will be looking for patterns of balance or imbalance for you as an individual and from there I will recommend the most appropriate herbal, dietary and lifestyle changes specifically for you and your health goals. As an herbalist, I believe that the human body is resilient and innately self-healing, and that the correct herbal formulas and lifestyle changes can assist and encourage the body in its effort to return to balance.

My goal as your consulting herbalist is to educate you on the best way to enhance your body’s innate healing capacity.  Healing may take time, in many cases it depends on how big the imbalance is in your health.  Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to make these changes. If you are interested in learning more or booking an appointment, our consultations are booked through Restored Wellness.

Image by Katherine Hanlon
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