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Apothecary & Wellness

Sparta, Tennessee

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Natural Herbs

About us

We are a herbal apothecary and wellness shop in Sparta, TN, that provides comprehensive holistic consultations to help people live their healthiest life through herbal remedies and natural supplements. 

Our customers may schedule a consultation with our registered herbalist or browse house-made or popular natural health items including organic herbs and teas, salves, soaps, or discover books on holistic living.

We are passionate about equipping your body to heal itself - the way it was created. We offer classes and workshops on herbal medicine for you to incorporate in your home and lifestyle.

Meet Sherri

Meet   Sherri Stickler RH, (AHG)


Walking in the woods identifying trees with my grandfather as well as time spent with my grandmother as a child stoked a passion for herbs and natural health from an early age.  My interest in the body and herbs led me into the medical field, and I am a “retired” Registered Respiratory Therapist with a COPD Educator Certificate. 


Over the years, I have increased my knowledge through copious amounts of book reading and trial and error with myself, my family and my friends.  In later years, I have taken certificate programs and learned from various herbalists either in-person or through their teaching at conferences and other resources.


In preparation for Registry with the American Herbalist Guild and to feel  confident entering into full time practice, I mentored with DR. Susan Fidler, a Phytotherapist, RH (AHG) and ND for 18 months as well as seeing clients out of her office for another year.​

My client population consists of all ages and health concerns.  I make recommendations for both acute and chronic imbalances on a weekly basis and have many challenging cases that I enjoy helping clients overcome to optimize their health.  

I like to think that we are ALL on the journey and I am here to facilitate balance and health along the way as clients learn how to navigate their unique makeup and optimize their vitality.

Why Naturopathy

Why Synergy Herbal Works?

Find balance to help with


Because your digestive system is the core of health for the rest of your life.


In our fast-paced world, more and more clients are coming in with fatigue.  We can help you identify the root cause and find more energy to enjoy life.


Focusing on nutritional balance and cofactors for detox pathways rather than harsh detoxification methods that deplete vitality and health.

Women's & Men's Health

Hormone's can become imbalanced by many things including stress, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental factors.  We can help you identify the root cause and get to the bottom of imbalance for a healthier and happier life.

Weight Loss

Optimal health and balance is the goal for maintaining the body shape that is best for you.


Stress can come from many sources.  We can help you identify it and suggest nutrition, herbs, and techniques to manage it for a more carefree life.


My daughter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. Two weeks before our appointment with an endocrinologist at Vanderbilt I took her to see Sherri! I knew about Sherri and her work enough to know that I wanted to start a more natural approach to treatment if at all possible! She told us so many things that I had no idea about and my daughter (13) and I have learned so much together! She talked to my daughter in a way that helped her to own her own health journey and buy into the hard and necessary changes needed to heal her gut and her body!! Because of Sherri and her advice and wisdom my daughter has not had to start thyroid medication and her inflammation has decreased and her overall health has improved dramatically!! Her TSH levels are very close to normal range after only 1 1/2 months on elimination diet and supplements and they were almost 4 times above normal!!

We are so very thankful for Sherri and her knowledge! I would recommend her as a first line of treatment for almost every issue! We are blessed to have her in our community!

— M.V.


Our    Services

Clinical Herbalist

Holistic health consultations with Sherri Stickler are now under a new entity Restored Wellness PHA. This is a private health association that offers privacy and protection to our client base as they choose holistic and alternative medicine routes. If you'd like to receive more information about Restored Wellness or book an appointment, visit the website here.



We also offer Reflexology by Sydni Sons, R.C.R., with Pure Healing Reflexology on Thursdays. Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary modality involving thumb and finger techniques to apply alternating pressure to reflexes, shown on the reflex maps of the body, located on the hands and feet. This service provides an hour of hands-on work followed by a brief consultation.

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14 Liberty Square

Sparta, TN 38583

(931) 510.5201

Operating Hours

Tues-Fri 10-5 P.M.

Sat 9-2 P.M.

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