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Pocket Sized Flower Press Made from Real Hardwood



Flower presses are a wonderful way to enjoy nature and preserve it's beauty. Our pocket flower press is the perfect size for tucking away in your pocket or a small bag you may take on a nature walk or trip away from home. It would make an excellent gift for any flower or nature lover and are perfect for pressing small flowers or clovers.

These flower presses are made from hand-selected hardwood sourced locally in Central Michigan. This press is the smallest in size measuring 2" x 4" with 1.25" bolts making them ideal for pressing 1-3 small flowers or a couple of clovers.

All presses are made by hand and coated in an oil finish for preservation. Due to the handmade nature of our presses each will have slight natural variations from the presses in the listing photos.

Each Flower Press Kit will include: (1) HARDWOOD FLOWER PRESS (POCKET SIZE) (2"x4") (3) Cardboard Inserts (1) INSTRUCTION CARD

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